Why RiSIC?

  • 50% higher detection rate
  • Real time risk scoring
  • Self-development intelligence

Increase your fraud detection by 50%

Do not let fraud be paid out.

50% higher detection rate

RiSIC uses machine learning engine that detects 50% more of fraudulent behavioral patterns. Rule based system doesn’t catch all fraudulent claims (either one member or one transaction), and RiSIC detects abuse hidden in the volume of data.

Real time risk scoring

RiSIC analyses claims before decisions are made and flags up unexpected outcomes for human intervention – helping insurance providers clamp down on waste, fraud and abuse as they occur.

Self-development intelligence

Unlike static rules-based engines, RiSIC uses Machine Learning algorithms to learn and improve continuously. Each doctor’s prognosis and claims processor decision makes the system more accurate – making it more efficient at streamlining your costs.

We use state-of-the-art data science for fraud detection. Learn how we add more power to conventional anomaly detection and rule-based methods.

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Automate claims processing & reporting

Enjoy the benefits of accuracy and costs optimization.

RiSIC leverages Machine Learning to automate claims processing to bring:

  • 50% faster & more accurate claims processing
  • 30% higher cost optimization
  • Improved customer experience and satisfaction

icon-1-smallincrease the efficiency in claims processing

icon-2-smallincrease the accuracy in claims processing

icon-3-smallreduce labor costs invested into processing claims

Give new life to your claims processing!

Automate with RiSIC


“After we started using RiSIC our denial rate increased by 5%”

– Head of claims at an insurance company

Reap the benefits of Low loss ratio and high denial rate


RiSIC automatically categorizes risk scoring into low, medium and high risk claims. It lets you process claims faster and deny more fraudulent claims.

icon-4-smallsave costs and reduce payment of fraudulent claims

icon-5-smallautomatically categorize your risk scoring into low, medium and high risk claims

icon-6-smallprocess high-risk claims faster

icon-7-smallreduce the manual labor

icon-8-smallevaluate and compare the effectiveness of your TPAs

icon-9-smallbetter provider and network risk management

See how ML is helping insurance companies power their profits!

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“By focusing only on high risk claims you can pay out real claims to real patients 23% faster!”

– Claims processor at a health insurance company.

Create healthcare that cares

Make patients feel taken care of.

RiSIC does not just help insurance providers. By stamping out waste, abuse and fraud, it helps lower insurance premiums to the benefit of patients and employers. It also helps hospitals and healthcare providers identify wasteful procedures to deliver more effective healthcare. On a population level, it supports the health system by contributing to the management of the medical inflation.

Join us in our effort to create healthcare that cares!

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