RiSIC is powered by machine learning

Unlike conventional rules-based systems, RiSIC uses machine learning solutions to constantly adapt, improve and optimize frauds in the Middle East. Every successful resolution improves performance and cost saving potential for the next transaction. RiSIC also doesn’t have the weakness that rules-based systems suffer from – where they’re only as good as their programmer. RiSIC learns on the job, and improves by the minute.

RiSIC makes human decision-making easier

RiSIC machine learning solutions help people make better decisions but it doesn’t arbitrarily decide itself. By constantly analyzing case outcomes, the RiSIC engine flags up claims that do not match the predictions. RiSIC also learns from doctors’ diagnosis and claim decisions to become even more effective over time.

RiSIC gets up and running without costly re-engineering

RiSIC doesn’t require costly and disruptive integration, nor does it require modifications to existing IT infrastructure. RiSIC is Software as a Service (Saas), which eliminates capital investments (CAPEX) for our clients.


RiSIC has been fine-tuned for medical claims

RiSIC uses models directed to the practices in the region. These are then trained by feeding them with local datasets on claims, decisions and medical reports. This makes RiSIC the region’s leading, and most effective, machine learning solution for flagging up contentious cases that might require human intervention.

RiSIC is always customized for your business

Before we implement RiSIC, we feed the machine learning engine with your historical data, and tune it for your business-specifics. This means your RiSIC engine starts its first day on the job already understanding the local market nuances and unique claims patterns that your business deals with.