Our Story

A promise of innovation.
Brand new solutions to brand new problems.

Today, innovation is at the very heart of Netcetera’s DNA. Our R&D unit– aptly called Sparks – is a petri dish of bold ideas pushing technological boundaries.

To innovate or not to innovate?

Our portfolio of rock solid solutions and knowledge expertise empowers us better understand customer needs. We work hard to understand the customer’s case to be able to support full product and system life cycle, and deliver the best value for money. But, what happens next?

We say – to innovate!

Innovative technologies let us foresee emerging and future needs to keep our customers one step ahead of competition. Once a need or a problem has emerged, we make sure our customers are fully equipped with an innovative solution. Around 10% of our annual budget goes straight into R&D activities. Now, our innovative platforms are creating value for clients out in the real world and disrupting their respective industries.

People are our main asset

We are always hunting for the best talents and invest a lot in our employees’ further education and empowerment as well as their well-being. We believe that people-based culture creates motivation and pride in what we do.

So, we are here to stay!


Our partner

Elevate logo


Elevate-Global, led by its’ CTO Gjorgji Madjarov, is a company with strong focus on AI/ML solutions for Big Data. Big data analytics examines large amounts of data to uncover hidden patterns, correlations and other insights.

With Elevate-Global’s solutions, it’s possible to analyze your data in batch and stream fashion and get valuable insights in real-time. https://www.elevate-global.biz/