Calculate your potential ROI with RiSIC Calculator

We are happy to announce the launch of RiSIC Calculator. Estimating your potential ROI has never been easier!

RiSIC team worked hard to convert data into real world results. RiSIC Calculator has been developed in our labs to enable insurance providers with an easy to use, yet efficient tool to estimate the potential ROI that an AI system for fraud detection in insurance claims generates.


Here is why you should not miss a chance to use RiSIC Calculator:

Real world data

The calculator is based on real data derived from analysis of nearly 400.000 healthcare insurance claims in the UAE;

Easy to use

It takes only two entries – the current annual number of claims and denial rate – and RiSIC calculator automatically estimates potential savings and ROI AI systems for fraud detection in insurance claims generates.

Real time results

Furthermore, RiSIC Calculator gives you an estimated number of high risk claims as well as highlights potential growth on your denial rate;


* Your privacy is our highest priority, no data you fill in will ever be stored or used.

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